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Angela Koregelos: Bio

I began studying the flute at the age of seven, and from the moment I played my first note, I knew this enchanting instrument would be a part of my life forever. Growing up in a family of musicians and artists didn’t hurt. My father, an outstanding clarinetist and photographer, owned one of the most renowned woodwind repair centers in the country, House of Woodwinds. As a child, I spent my free time at the shop arranging boxes of reeds, dusting display cases, and offering coffee to legends like Stan Getz and Jean-Pierre Rampal. While my father worked his magic on their instruments, my mother, an accomplished pianist and fashion designer, made sure the finances of the shop were always on track. Rounding out our musical quartet was my sister, who rocked the classical oboe world even as a young girl.

At fourteen, I had the good fortune of playing for the famous French flutist and teacher, Alain Marion, who had come to San Francisco to give a master class at the conservatory. By the end of the week, his expressive playing and dynamic teaching style captivated me. Imagine my excitement (and shock!) when my parents told me M. Marion had spoken to them about my going to Paris to study with him! Of course, being good Greek parents, they insisted that I finish high school first.

Three years later, I was off to Paris. The Marions took me in as a member of their family, and my memories of the wonderful adventures we shared are as dear to me as are those of my flute lessons. And what flute lessons they were! Marion left nothing to chance. Every note had to be accurate, beautiful, and meaningful. To this day, I don’t know if I learned more in my own lessons or by observing the lessons of the many fine students who came from all over Europe.

After my stay in Paris, I returned to the United States and attended the New England Conservatory of Music where I studied with the elegant flutist James Pappoutsakis. His style was quite different than that of Marion, but the goal was the same – every note must say something! My time at NEC was cut short when I returned home for summer vacation and happened to stumble upon an audition for the Oakland Symphony, which by some miracle I won! Playing principal flute with the symphony was a marvelous experience that allowed me to work with fabulous colleagues and world-class conductors and soloists. After thirteen years with the symphony, I moved on to freelancing with the San Francisco Opera and several chamber groups throughout the Bay Area. I have also taught some outstanding students as music instructor at Mills College and visiting instructor at the Stratford International Flute Festival and the Flute Festival at UNAM, Mexico City. All through my career, I've kept the French School as my reference point, returning to France often for classes with M. Marion and Jean-Pierre Rampal.

While enjoying the life of a performer, I once again became involved with my dad’s business, this time helping him with his line of beautiful hand made flutes. What a thrill to play on an instrument made by this extraordinary man, who just happens to be my father! He is now retired from flute making, but we continue to work together on developing and marketing a number of musical instrument accessories that are sold all over the world through our company, HW Products, Inc.

In 2000, I started a new job as my son’s mom. Life has taken on a whole new kind of excitement, every bit as fulfilling (and challenging!) as traveling the world studying, performing, and teaching. The insights of parenthood inspire me to work even harder to touch every listener and student with joy and inspiration. Playing the flute has been my great journey, one that I hope will continue for years to come.